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Moscoman Lines Up Next Two EPs in Twelve Part Treisar Series

Moscoman Lines Up Next Two EPs in Twelve Part Treisar Series

Moscoman Lines Up Next Two EPs in Treisar Series


Will Be Released April 28th & May 26th 

As Premiered By Ransom Note 

“There is little left to be said about our dear friend Moscoman of which we have not already spoken.       All round good guy and musical connoisseur, he has risen to glorious success following a string of spectacular releases on his Disco Halal label and most recently as part of his Treisar series. It is the next in this series which we are able to bring you exclusively.” 

“And he kneeled, raising his hands over his head to unveil his precious offering, flanked between two pieces of bread and covered in the most delicious mustard.”

Four months into his Treisar series, Moscoman is seriously entering his stride. On the EP’s A-side, the low rumbling guitars on ‘Butchers‘ seem to tangle upon themselves. Interjected by stabbing drums, a glittering synth line floats over the top to mesmerising effect.

Always on a Sunday‘ edges the listener towards the dance floor. Its driving melody swaggers forward effortlessly, while the crisp drum beats that form the underside of the track keep it firmly grounded.

Divided Future‘ takes a serious, more brooding turn. Rattling percussion gives the track a rich texture, that ethereal synths in the second half of the track further heighten.

Hot Salt Beef‘ is the fourth instalment in Moscoman’s twelve part Treisar series.

EP Title: Hot Salt Beef
Artist: Moscoman
Label: Treisar
Release Date: April 28th

Formats: 12″ Vinyl

A1 – Butchers
B1 – Always on a Sunday

B2 – Divided Future

Pre-Order: Oye Records


“Unto the sons of the royal amphibians were given by lot, throughout their families and out of the tribe of Zebulun, twelve records.”

The fifth EP in the Treisar series sees Moscoman deliver a new piece of dancefloor dazzle with the ‘Royal Amphibian International‘ EP.

Just across the Nile‘ kicks off down in the sluggish ends of the club. Flamboyant claps and hypnotizing accordion stabs hint at brighter climates but the darkness of the bass threatens from beneath.

Express Way‘ explores broken beats before resolving into a 4×4 drive stocked with balearic flair and ominous vocal chops, while its dub counterpart brings the EP to a melodic close with an unhurried, glistening rework.

Royal Amphibian International‘ is out May 26th on Treisar.

EP Title: Royal Amphibian International
Artist: Moscoman
Label: Treisar Release Date: May 26th 2017
Formats: 12″ Vinyl 
A1 – Just Across The Nile
B1 – Express Way

B2 – Express Way (Dub)

Pre-Order: Oye Records


Moscoman © Nuphar Blechner