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Romain Iannone Announces His oqko Debut 'NOCTURNE WORKS'

Romain Iannone Announces His oqko Debut 'NOCTURNE WORKS'

Swiss Artist Romain Iannone Soundtracks The Blossoming Of Moonflowers On His oqko Debut 

‘NOCTURNE WORKS’ Is Out June 30th On Tape w/ Moonflower Seeds

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As a correlational attempt, Nocturne Works‘ induces a proto-botanical study exploring the relation of gentle short timed compositions and the Ipomoea alba.

Intended not to be a mere musical publication, rather a round endeavour based on subtle relations, this album plays with the conceived impression of a past warmth veiled under Alpine melancholia.

A cross-guided treatment between the musician and the interdisciplinary imprint; oqko evokes the metaphor of an organic listening paired with the plant as organism.

Romain Iannone’s music is non-invasive and contemplative, spheric yet fragile like the Ipomoea alba supposed to grow out from the seeds included in the release packaging.

A particular bound exists between the cassette tape, the nocturne moon and the seeds of the Ipomoea alba (moonflower). The laconic-lasting tracks may refer the Ipomoea alba’s flower brief blossom and the plant being a species of night-blooming morning glory finishes the triad.

LP Title: Nocturne Works
Artist: Romain Iannone
Label: oqko
Release Date: 30th June

Format: Cassette w/ Ipomoea alba seeds & download code

1. Mouman
4. Lake
7. Clouds
8. FEV_01
10. Sleep
12. Cha
14. JAN_01
16. MARS_20
19. NOV_22
20. MAI_25

22. FEV_24

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Romain Iannone © Hugo Plagnard