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Arcadia Reveal Aboriginal Collaboration, Hospitality Takeover And Third Stage Lineup

Arcadia Reveal Aboriginal Collaboration, Hospitality Takeover And Third Stage Lineup





5th & 6th May 2018 | Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London


Arcadia landed in London in a blaze of colour and lightning last night, ahead of their May Day Bank Holiday weekend spectacular as details of an Aboriginal collaboration were announced alongside a Hospitality takeover of the infamous Spider and the lineup for the Bug Stage.

The heavyweight festival collective tested signature elements from their award winning Metamorphosis show at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, marking the countdown to ignition in just over a fortnight.

One of the otherworldly creatures from their acclaimed performances soared above the London skyline beside the ArcelorMittal Orbit, as the Lords of Lightning burst into a titanic electrical battle, harnessing 4 million volts into a mesmerizing display of white hot power.

As Olympic Park began its transformation, Arcadia revealed that their collaboration with an Aboriginal tribe – the Wadjuk Noongar would be performed in London. The Yallor Keeninyara sees one of the world’s most ancient ceremonies fused with Arcadia’ molten steel, flaming explosions and all enveloping bass. A profound story of connection, unity and worlds meeting – it is also a moment of pure primal celebration.

Arcadia London - Yallor Keeninyara
Arcadia London – Yallor Keeninyara


Hospitality are set to board the Spider in a surprise reveal, with originator Danny Byrd taking the controls alongside a back to back session with Whiney and Unglued as MC GQ brings the ruckus on the mic. Following the success of this year’s Hospitality at the Dock, the Hospitality crew will stomp into Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to test their arsenal on the biggest beast in town.

Arcadia’s mobile, amphibious Bug – the six wheel party machine announced a Saturday of sunshine house and feelgood classics with DJ’s including Tristan IngramPaul Johnson and the Too Damn Glam DJs while Sunday brings the sub bass fire with Stanton WarriorsTrojan SoundsystemChimpoThe BlastKruel Intentions and Rough Tempo Soundsystem.

The two day event will see Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park transformed into a monumental landscape of robotic creatures, immersive theatre, high octane circus and slamming basslines.

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, Arcadia’s 50 tonne mechanical Spider is headed to East London alongside a new indoor experience, the Reactor, a host of innovative sculptures, an Aboriginal song, and thousands of revellers dancing to some of the finest DJ’s and live musicians.



Notes to editors

About Arcadia
Arcadia fuse groundbreaking spectacle, cutting edge technology, sculpture, engineering, architecture, adrenaline and bass into vivid sensory experiences.
Transforming recycled military and industrial hardware into dynamic sculptures and electrifying arenas, Arcadia appear in cities and at festivals throughout the world.

The shows are the ultimate Arcadia experience, uniting audiences from all walks of life on a wave of wonder, before some of the world’s finest DJ’s and electronic musicians channel the night into a euphoric crescendo.

About Metamorphosis
Building on Arcadia’s transformational use of materials, the acclaimed Metamorphosis show explores themes of change, featuring the Spider at its center, car-sized robotic spiders crawling above the crowd, spider eggs transported overhead, bio-mechanical creatures pulsing with light, strange tentacled beings swooping from the skies, musical lightning fired in the midst of the crowd, an outer ring of flaming towers, a signature soundscape and unique technological innovations.
The 360 degree immersive experience shot to the top of fan favourite lists at Glastonbury where Arcadia attract tens of thousands of people a night. Recent years have seen Arcadia travel the world, landing the Spider on four continents, from downtown Miami to collaborations with the Aboriginal peoples of Western Australia on the performance of an ancient dance not seen in public since 1901.