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Berlin Noise/Industrial Duo -N Release Video & Tape Only Project 'HYSTERESIS'

Berlin Noise/Industrial Duo -N Release Video & Tape Only Project 'HYSTERESIS'

Anonymous Berlin Duo -N Have Released

The Video For ‘HYSTERESIS’

Out Now Exclusively On Tape On oqko

As Premiered By Create Digital Music
“The video is otherworldly and beautiful. Shot with the grainy quality of surveillance video, set to music that’s in turns eerie, angry, and ethereal, what you’re seeing is the dance of magnets.”
The Video For ‘HYSTERESIS’ Is Free To Share Now
-N / Hysteresis

-N work as an anonymous identity pair, operating at the periphery of noise, industrial music and techno.
Hysteresis is a tape limited release and video piece which explores the physical implications and effects of a range of inputs on audio and video systems. The sonic and visual content work in correspondence and make use of the dynamic relation between magnets in magnetic and ferromagnetic fields.
The video to Hysteresis is a series of recordings made from different neodymium magnets interacting with heavily magnetized elements, affecting the quality of the image and the behavior of the objects.
Hysteresis will be released on oqko, a multi-disciplinary label and collective, based in Berlin, home to Lvis Mejía, astvaldur, DEKJ and smog. Individually, the oqko artists have performed at such events and venues as Mutek Montreal, Transmediale Berlin, Secret Solstice Festival, ICA London, Paris’ Centre Pompidou, Mexico City’s Fonoteca Nacional and CTM Siberia.
EP Title: Hysteresis
Artist: -N (Minus N)
Label: oqko
Release Date: November 25
Format: Tape & Video
A. i
A. ii
A. iii
B. iv
B. v


Order: Bandcamp, oqko

We have a very limited amount of tapes to send out for review purpose.
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