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Collector's Edition: Innovative Packaging and Graphics - Artist Cover Bomb Series

Collector's Edition: Innovative Packaging and Graphics - Artist Cover Bomb Series

Collector’s Edition: 

Innovative Packaging and Graphics 

Artist Cover Bomb Series


Collector’s Edition is a new book by Stuart Tolley, published by Thames and Hudson. 


Collectors Edition is a global showcase for the new wave of limited edition, large format, lovingly produced graphic design and packaging created for the music, book and magazine industries.


Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips)



‘Artist Cover Bomb Series’ auction featuring unique, hand drawn artwork from music and art world icons including Paul McCartney, Nick Cave and Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips).

Following the critically acclaimed publication of Collector’s Edition, published by Thames and Hudson in August 2014, author Stuart Tolley has invited some of the most respected names in music, art and graphic design, to draw, paint and decorate the cover of the book. This series of unique books are, in essence, the collector’s editions of Collector’s Edition.

These ten exclusive hand drawn Artist Cover Bomb copies are to be auctioned from November 12th – December 12th 2014 to raise funds for The Alzheimer’s Society.
Author Stuart Tolley says, “A book celebrating innovative, tactile print graphic design should have its own collector’s edition and I want the Collector’s Edition Artist Cover Bomb Series to be the Woodstock of the genre. I’ve invited the worlds most celebrated artists, musicians and designers to participate in an auction event to raise funds for The Alzheimer’s Society, a charity close to my heart.


The contributing artists, all of which appear in the book and many of whom have been interviewed exclusively are:

Paul McCartney
Nick Cave
Wayne Coyne / The Flaming Lips
Stanley Donwood
Peter Gabriel
Robert ‘3D’ Del Naja (Massive Attack)
Jessica Hische
Oliver Jeffers
The Designers Republic

Alec Soth


        Nick Cave                                                     Peter Gabriel



About the Book

Collector’s Edition is an original and exciting visual survey which brings together 180 examples of innovative graphic and product design created for special collector’s, limited or deluxe editions. From limited-edition magazines with multiple cover options to lavish vinyl box sets supplied with a wealth of extras.



Stuart Tolley is the founder and director of Transmission, a creative agency and editorial consultancy.