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Credit 00 To Release Debut Album on Uncanny Valley. 'GAME OVER' Is Released March 13

Credit 00 To Release Debut Album on Uncanny Valley. 'GAME OVER' Is Released March 13


Credit 00 Announces Debut Album
on Dresden’s Uncanny Valley

‘GAME OVER’ Is Released March 13


Credit 00 delivers his debut album “Game Over“. After four EPs for Uncanny Valley, the Leipzig based musician is now ready to let his electronic visions loose on full length. As anyone who has seem him play live or DJ can confirm, the brains behind Uncanny Valley’s sublabel Rat Life is a slave to the rhythm on a full-time basis. Obsessed with sound, he presses and twists the knobs of his synthesizers and drum machines like someone torturing the controls of an arcade machine. “Game Over” is an electronic love letter to the romantic fantasy worlds of classic video games and their bleepy and clonky sounds, which also found a home in repetitive electronic dance music.

Collecting tracks from the last six years, “Game Over” is also a passion project that channels all of Credit 00’s influences and you get a glimpse of the ingredients that make up his record collection, whether it’s Hip-Hop, Techno, Electro Boogie, New Beat, Italo, Jungle, Reggae, House or Chill Out. Though, all those different sounds and styles do not break the album apart. It’s a bit of a miracle that it feels so flawless for what happens between the appetizing “Level One” and the final track “The Last March”. The beats on “Game Over” can be as brutally effective as the fatalities in Mortal Kombat while the overlying sounds feel as smooth as the lemmings’ animations in the eponymous Amiga series. Just take a listen to the title track or the instant hip shaker “Breakers Revenge” that comes with a little help from friends Sara Stammburg on vocals and Max Rademann on Rhodes.

Without losing sight of the dance floor, Credit 00 creates an electronic wonderland that equally delights dancers and connoisseurs. To top things off, the wonderfully retro artwork was created by Alexander Dorn a.k.a. Credit 00 himself.

LP Title: Game Over
Artist: Credit 00
Label: Uncanny Valley
Release Date: 13th March 2017
Formats: Vinyl, Digital

1. Level One
2. Game Over
3. Hit Fire to Respawn
4. Breakers Revenge
5. Dance Dance Revolution
6. Odyssey
7. Insert Disk Two
8. One Zero One
9. King Of Monsters
10. Jungle Hunt
11. Arkanoid (Live in Karl-Marx-Stadt)
12. The Last March


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