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Disco Halal announce new V.A. 'Perfect Strangers', London label night & Moscoman summer tour

Disco Halal announce new V.A. 'Perfect Strangers', London label night & Moscoman summer tour


Based in Berlin, but firmly rooted in the diverse and forward-facing musical scene of Tel Aviv, Disco Halal hails from beneath the minarets of the Holy Land. Founded and led by Moscoman, the label exists to present a tightly-knit and growing community of musicians and producers, each transmitting their unique musical identity, yet each united by a unique sensibility, as well as a harmonious balance of rhythm and experimentation.

Initially establishing the sound of Disco Halal with a series of diverse but like-minded edits from artists such as Acid Arab and Mehmet Aslan, before long, Disco Halal had moved onto more ambitious endeavours, such as Autarkic’s mini-LP, ‘Can You Pass The Knife’? Encompassing elements of downtempo, new-wave and alternative pop, stitched together with a leftfield dancefloor throb, it firmly established Disco Halal’s esoteric tastes, as well as the unique take on electronic music suddenly, rapidly emerging from the once-overlooked nightlife and club scene of Tel Aviv.

In the few years since, the seeds of Disco Halal have borne undeniable musical fruit. Alongside Moscoman himself, Krikor and Red Axes have collaborated on the weird, wonderful ‘Subaru Pesha’ EP, drawing plaudits and an irresistible remix from the masterful Roman Flugel. Open-minded parties and record stores worldwide continue to have their ears and hearts opened to records from Chaim and Simple Symmetry; definable only as the sort of releases that have DJs and dancers alike clamouring to the booth, in search of a sometimes elusive Track ID…

Recent transmissions from Yoshinori Hayashi expand the label’s vision in terms of tempo, genre and culture, creating waves as the Disco Halal sound reaches Japan, while Moscoman himself has recently delivered arguably his most personal and expansive single, ‘I Ran’, backed by a glorious remix courtesy of the label’s own Simple Symmetry.

With truth at its center, the sound of Disco Halal is an open-ended prospect; a shared vision.

Disco Halal


Artist: V.A.
Release: Perfect Strangers
Label: Disco Halal
Release date: July 27th, 2018
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Pre-order: Vinyl & Digital
What’s A Perfect Stranger? Who is The Perfect Stranger?
For Disco Halal, the perfect stranger could be that person, which you have a short encounter with that almost changes your life, gives you much and asks little in return. Without any restrictions, without any rules, without any obligation, just your full attention for a brief moment. What’s a perfect stranger for you ?
Disco Halal is happy to announce the beginning, again. Perfect Strangers Vol.1 is ready, press play.
Stream The Organism’s track ‘Reflection’ on Melodic Diggers.
On August 11th, Disco Halal throws its biggest party to date in London. A two part event, the afternoon is a collaboration with much loved Brixton restaurant Salon: an all star selection of DJs from the label will soundtrack a two course brunch in a secret canal-side location. The evening will move to Bloc with a lineup featuring Moscoman and Disco Halal affiliate Kiwi as well as special guests Lovefingers & Kasra V.
Tickets are available on Resident Advisor.
Find Moscoman on tour this summer:
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