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Disco Halal release 'Halal Collection' compilation

Disco Halal release 'Halal Collection' compilation


Disco Halal release ‘Halal Collection’ compilation, full label back-catalogue now available digitally.


Having conquered the hearts and turntables of vinyl lovers worldwide, Disco Halal now turns a digital gaze onto the world with ‘Halal Collection’.

To celebrate its new partnership with !K7 and the first time that its full back catalogue is made available digitally, Disco Halal are releasing “Halal Collection” on September 8th, a digital compilation showcasing the best of the label with favorites from stablemates Autarkic, Naduve, Simple Symmetry, Red Axes and TCP as well as an exclusive Red Axes edit of ‘How To Cheat’, a standout from Autarkic‘s debut album.

The Disco Halal back catalogue is now available digitally. And as good news never comes alone, all current and upcoming releases on Moscoman‘s new Treisar imprint are now also available digitally.

Title: Halal Collection
Label: Disco Halal

Release Date: September 8th, 2017

1. Autarkic – Asi Keta Ga
2. TCP – Dynamic Energy (Moscoman Remix)
3. Naduve – 10K From Essaouira
4. TCP – Twonga
5. Red Axes + Mosocman + Krikor – Subaru Pesha (Red Axes Remix)
6. Simple Symmetry – Voodoo Your Ex
7. Simple Symmetry – Plane Goes East (Dj Tennis Remix)
8. Autarkic – Solo Gun
9. Naduve – Ready Set Go
10. Red Axes + Mosocman + Krikor – Subaru Pesha

11. Autarkic – How To Cheat (Red Axes Edit)

Pre-order here.