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Do Different Presents: Houghton Activities Programme & Creative Partners Announced

Do Different Presents: Houghton Activities Programme & Creative Partners Announced

Do Different Presents: Houghton Activities Programme & Creative Partners Announced

Including: Art Book created by Craig Richards,
Brilliant Corners, The Analogue Foundation, Short Bursts, Future Shorts, Caravan Shorts, LYF Drawing, 
The Orchard, The Nest & Many More
10th – 13th August, 2017
Houghton Hall, Norfolk

Curated by the illustrious Craig Richards and produced by the critically acclaimed Gottwood Festival team, Houghton is set to be the UK’s only summer festival that fuses art, music and sculpture. In addition to the incredible music line-up, Houghton have developed an impressive activities programme for 2017’s four-night event, providing festival goers with a fully immersive experience from the moment they enter the site. 

Centred around a beautiful lake, the festival will host a number of unique stages. East London’s audiophile bar Brilliant Corners will bring the finest hi-fi quality sound to one of Houghton’s hand crafted wooden yurts, where they’ll be presenting GIANT STEPS in collaboration with The Analogue Foundation. Also on the music front, an institution in British reggae culture, Trojan Sound System will be hosting their own space at the event, holding the accolade of one of the most respected contemporary sound systems, they’ll be on hand bringing out the beauty of the bass sound to the Houghton crowd.

Brilliant Corners present GIANT STEPS in collaboration with The Analogue Foundation.

Amongst the art and creative programme, Houghton will present Short Bursts Of Concentrated Joy curated by David Blamey, presenting a programme of artists’ films that celebrates shape, colour and sound in relation to the physical body, featuring; Jordan Belson, David Blamey, Neil Cummings, Nicky Hamlyn, Tomas Jefanovas, Rivane Neuenschwander & Cao Guimaraes, Malcom Le Grice & Brian Eno, Yoko Ono and Ulrich Rückriem.

Cinema content will be curated by Ivan Smagghe and feature screenings from Future Shorts, the world’s first ever global pop-up film festival and distribution label, who curate independent short films from around the world. Filmmakers Richard Round-Turner & George A. Daniell will present In Their Time, a documentary film series which came about as a result of their natural interest in other people’s sporting adventures and a chance meeting with Johnny Howard.

Composer Ricardo Romaneiro will create & perform an hour long musical meditative journey on a 12-string acoustic guitar. Weaving live loops and processed guitar soundscapes in real time, Ricardo creates a tapestry of sound evoking sonic palette reminiscent of Pink Floyd & Brian Eno.

Art Tours of Houghton’s sculpture park will also take place across the weekend, with impressive work from visionaries including James Turrell, Richard Long, Zhan Wang and Rachel Whiteread, whilst work by photographer Marco Walker, and Jack Irving, a specialist in creative production and costume design for theatre installation and live performance, will also be showcased.

LYF Drawing will be running classes throughout the day and into the evening, ranging from more traditional nude sketching (with a twist) to drawing stills from famous films which will later be projected as part of the ‘Nude Cinema Project‘.

Produced by Robert Linde, Caravan Shorts will present their highly sought after 15-minute theatre productions from inside a portable caravan. A small intimate audience, of roughly 8-9 members at a time can experience a short drama in this private and exciting setting.

Caravan Shorts: 15 minute theatre in a caravan.

Compliments & Flattery, produced by Henry Krokatsis, will bring their uplifting installation to the festival. They understand how special you are and are here to let you know. Come and sit between their gorgeous, sensitive specialists and feel the love as they shower you with compliments and flattery. You’ll be sent back out into the world knowing just how amazing you truly are.

Truth & Lies will explore ‘Revolution & Change in Venezuela and the Tropics’ through films, talks, design and crates of the funkiest music in the World. The ‘Revolution & Change’ series looks at significant dates, events and places in history and presents a snapshot of the music and art connected to these events before and after the time they occurred. Collaborating with Lewis Heriz, co-founder of the brilliant Sofrito record label and one of the finest record sleeve illustrators around. Lewis will be talking with us about South American art and design, and also guest DJ’ing his essential collection of global grooves.

For the foodies amongst us, Houghton will host a wide range of well known food traders to meet the needs of a variety of tastes. A welcome addition at this year’s Gottwood festival was a brand new fine dining restaurant, The Nest, which could be found floating on the scenic Gottwood lake. The restaurant is now on the move to Houghton Festival, where they’ll be serving up an all-day menu across the weekend. For those who prefer to grab food on the go, other traders on board include AVO, Churreria London, Claw, Fleetwood Mac & Cheese, Fundi, Good & Proper, Herbivorous, Jacks Gelato, Lahmacun, Le Bun, Little Espresso, Paelleria, Rainbow Dumplings, Smokey Tails, Steak & honour and The Shed.

The Nest: Floating fine dining restaurant.

Houghton will also host it’s own wellness area (co-curated with maouris), where party people can get all zen in The Orchard, with yoga, movement workshops, sound healing and massage tents. For a cleansing, purifying and revitalising sauna experience, The Hot Spot in the Cherry Orchard by the lake has a wood-fired sauna, hot and cold showers, cold plunge, treatment yurts a large changing room at only £10.00 entry, bring your towel!

TOY will also be on hand bringing their aromatherapy pop up, Kota, to Houghton. As part of the program a selection of essential oils, chosen by medicinal herbalists, will be dispersed through a central oil burner inside the pavilion structure. The structure transforms as the light of the day gives way to a darker night, Kota becomes illuminated by subtle LED up-lighting. Together with the natural beauty of the surrounding woodlands, it provides an intimate enclosure and shelter.

Finally, Craig Richards has hand drawn 96 images to represent every artist performing at the event this year. These will be presented in the form of a collectable hardback book available to purchase exclusively at the festival.

See you in 10 days!






10th – 13th August, 2017

Houghton Hall, Norfolk