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elrow + Ink and Movement present elrow'art

elrow + Ink and Movement present elrow'art

elrow + Ink and Movement present game changing new concept ‘elrow’art’

Okuda San Miguel and Paco Osuna invite us into to one whole new world of kaos.

elrow’art bring vanguard art to major music events and music to major art events.


Today we are able to announce the collaboration between elrow + Ink and Movement, two brands intrinsically linked to one another through one creative vision, the new concept elrow’art. Both share a unique version of culture and entertainment industry, and so are delivering a new party concept that offers an opportunity for people to celebrate their passion for music and art, but also fashion, performance, dancing, creativity and unlimited fun.

Placing artists and the fans at the heart of what they new concept, the two teams are convinced that doing what they enjoy most and doing it their own way is the best route to achieve this vision. elrow’art is a bid to break down barriers in culture and entertainment. To create an artistic, social and cultural movement to mark a new era. Its aim is to allow elrow fans a chance to engage with art, music and entertainment as a unified experience and also involve other audiences into the electronic music scene. elrow’art brings music and entertainment to different cultural events.

The platforms aim is for top international artists to collaborate creating innovative works where contemporary art, electronic music and the audience are the stars of the show. Its a chance to witness collaborations between international artists on a platform where they can experiment from new contexts and with a community of open minded creatives who are looking for new experiences.

Kicking things off with a new theme is a magical collaboration between Paco Osuna, who will compose the soundtrack for this unique journey and Okuda San Miguel, the renewed artists, who will create the look and feel of the experience. Okuda and Paco invite us into to one whole new world of kaos.

This first proposal is powered by Desigual who supports the art world and young talents while seeking to inspire and awaken inspiration through projects and collaborations like the one we are presenting today with elrowart.


ABOUT elrow:

In 2010, Juan Arnau Jr and Cruz Arnau, the sixth generation of the Arnau entertainment family, came up with the idea of organising a small party in Barcelona. They wanted it to be a playground for adults: a dream world populated by surreal performances and sets, exuberant showers of confetti and a colourful crowd, dancing to the beats produced by the world’s best DJs. Today, elrow is the world’s fastest growing entertainment concept, boasting a headquarter in Barcelona – the Rowhouse – and organising 250 events in over 50 different cities all over the world, from Shanghai to Cape Town and from New York to Mumbai.