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Homobloc And All Out Come Together To Defend LGBT+ Communities Across Europe

Homobloc And All Out Come Together To Defend LGBT+ Communities Across Europe

Homobloc and All Out come together to defend LGBT+ communities across Europe as Poland declares “LGBT+ free zones”

Global LGBT+ human rights group All Out and Homobloc, the UK’s largest queer dance party, have announced a partnership that will raise awareness and funds to support LGBT+ communities facing violence and discrimination in Poland. Although an EU-member country, Poland is becoming a deeply hostile environment for queer people:
  • ●  The leader of Poland’s ruling party recently described LGBT+ people as “a threat to Polish identity, our nation, and its existence.”
  • ●  At least THIRTY Polish towns and villages have now declared themselves “LGBT-free Zones.”
  • ●  A national newspaper in Poland, Gazeta Polska, has distributed free anti-LGBT+ stickers to its readers.
  • ●  Marek Jedraszewski, the Archbishop of Krakow, called the LGBT+ community “a rainbow plague”
Matt Beard, Executive Director at All Out said:

“The tactics of the homophobic right in Poland are straight out of the Nazi playbook and the results are terrifying. In the past few months, LGBT+ people have been attacked with firecrackers, rocks, rotten eggs and bottles filled with urine. Pride flags have been burned. People have been taking their young children to anti-pride rallies to teach them how to hate their fellow citizens. This is an emergency. We know what happens when minority groups are scapegoated like this. We must never let fascism win again!

Gideön, DJ, activist and R3 Soundsystem founder said:

“There are some horrific things happening right now in Europe and the LGBTQ+ community needs to mobilise now to stop them. Some of us here in the places like the UK have achieved an adequate level of acceptance within heteronormative society. But our LGBTQ+ family in Poland and other countries just a few hundred miles away are being murdered, tortured and brutalised as we speak. It is our responsibility to stick up for our own. We cannot forget our LGBTQ+ comrades now that we here have inherited some semblance of equality. Our presence at Homobloc enables the opportunity to help us do something about it.”

Midland, DJ, Producer and Record label owner said:

We are seeing an alarming regression in public attitudes towards LGBTQI people in Europe, most notably in Poland and Chechnya. Our very existence is still a crime in 72 Countries. Our message is clear. We stand with our persecuted siblings around the world, and we will not stop until every human has the right to love freely.”

Money raised through this partnership will enable All Out and its partners to:

●  Run emergency advocacy campaigns for LGBT+ rights in Poland and the rest of Europe to resist neo-fascism
●  Support LGBT+ people across Europe with crowdfunding campaigns for life-saving projects like shelters and counselling hotlines
●  Supply activists with digital tools and strategies to run their own urgent campaigns for LGBT+ rights
●  Amplify the voices of local LGBT+ rights groups with the help of activist and media networks around the world.

For those attending Homobloc on the 9th November, there’ll be a clearly signed information station, staffed by All Out volunteers and R3 Soundsystem gogos, for those who wish to make a donation. 


Editor notes:


All Out work towards a world in which nobody has to sacrifice their family or freedom, their safety or dignity because of who they are or who they love.


Spread over 4 stages and with an unbeatable lineup, Homobloc will see 10,000 revellers descend to Manchester for a misfits paradise, with their mission statement being very clear – Homobloc is a queer party for all. Its about all of us. Love is the message  in a party that unites the clans, for homos, hetros, lesbos, don’t knows and disko asbos.  Musically Homoelectric was always about a melting pot of music genres; music they loved, from afrobeat, boogie, disco, garage house, techno, voodoo, outer space bass buggin’ futurism, and outsider pop all thrown into the mix with no pomp or pretension. A heartfelt felt evangelism that is about believing in something. A come as you are celebration that’s not about exclusivity, on the contrary, the more the merrier.

Homoelectric founder Luke Unabomber says – It’s with great excitement, after two decades of blood sweat and tears from out first home in a Manchester back street club , we are planning our very own Homoelectric festival. We have finally found our holy grail place.This is something very special and as ever this is all about uniting the clans, togetherness, inclusivity and love. Building a place where we can bring together all our people and our heroes and dance till we are free. A queer block party for all.