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Hotel International & Samuel Berdah - From Manilla With Love

Hotel International & Samuel Berdah - From Manilla With Love

Hotel International & Samuel Berdah

‘From Manilla With Love’

A1 – Hotel International – Nos Années Sauvages
A2 – Hotel International – 9 Semaines 1/2
A3 – Hotel International & Samuel Berdah – From Manilla With Love
B1 – Samuel Berdah – The Major Drum Instinct
B2 – Samuel Berdah – Answers

Release Date: 28/9/2015
Cat Number: WILD039


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A split 12″ from the two producers behind the Days Of Being Wild label, Franz Kirmann, under his Hotel International moniker and Samuel Berdah from duo Club Bizarre present ‘From Manilla With Love’. The record reflects the two musical aspects of the label, a rough, DIY, post-punk ethos on one hand (Samuel Berdah) and a nostalgic, balearic, italo disco tinted sound on the other (Hotel International).


‘Nos Années Sauvages’ (French for days of being wild) and ‘9 Semaines 1/2′ boast a strong retro 80’s feel, with heavy arpeggiated bass lines, catchy synth melodies and dreamy vocals, offering the perfect follow up to Hotel International previous release ‘L’Année Du Dragon’. The title track of the EP is a collaboration between the two producers. The title comes from the Wong Kar Wai movie that gave its name to the label, both the vocals and guitar samples come from the movie.


Franz being based in London and Samuel in France, the pair worked from parts and jams sent to each other over the internet. ‘From Manilla With Love’ is a real mix between the two musicians sensibilities and methods, a semi improvised way of working, the use of analog synthesisers and drum machines and a natural love for the slower side of dance music.


Samuel Berdah’s tracks ‘The Major Drum Instinct’ and ‘Answers’ showcase his love of working outside of the box. Both pieces are the product of two late night jams made mainly on hardware machines, including a self made Shruti synth.


The EP release party will take place on Friday 2nd October at The Dalston Victoria with both Samuel and Hotel International DJ’ing at the event.