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Krista Papista - 'I Wish I Had Blue Eyes'

Krista Papista - 'I Wish I Had Blue Eyes'

Krista Papista

‘I Wish I Had Blue Eyes’

1. I Wish I Had Blue Eyes
Artist: Krista Papista
Release Name: I Wish I Had Blue Eyes
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 26 February 2016

The continuously progressive Krista Papista returns in 2016 with I Wish I Had Blue Eyes, self-released without a label.
She describes her work as “Sordid Pop”, incorporating frequent multi-faceted layers in the material she conceives. A music producer and video director whose extensive range auspiciously consolidates the message she is trying to get across.
Making use of many mediums, from texturized soundscapes to her unclad body to reinforce the mood. Her latest single exempts no principles, corpulent and tenacious with a dazed, sometimes-melancholic undertone; it’s a tough-as-nails but delightfully whimsical daydream.
A supporting video directed and produced by Krista Papista in collaboration with Blør still to come, and a Clara3000 remix to follow.
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