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Levon Vincent Strives For Peace On His Second Album ‘For Paris’

Levon Vincent Strives For Peace On His Second Album ‘For Paris’

Levon Vincent Strives For Peace On His Second Album ‘For Paris’


For Paris (by Levon VIncent 2017)

Levon Vincent’s second album arrives two years after the Berlin-based producer’s lauded self-titled debut album. ‘For Paris’ is a long overdue public apology where concepts and music revolve around a theme of promoting peace in the world.

Written in a cellar studio in Berlin and inspired by the cooptation approach of John Lennon and Yoko Ono – the appropriation of methods in use by the status quo, using advertisement to promote the ideal of a more peaceful world – ‘For Paris’ is the product of an extensive period of self-reflection, research and thought.

The dance-floor will embrace the moody subterranean feel of “Baseball”, the eyes-closed bliss of “Late Reflections” & “Only Good Things” and the tough, dislocated groove of “Slander Is Terrible”. On the impressionistic numbers “Kissing” and “If We Choose War” Vincent expands upon Steve Reich‘s phasing technique, pulling off some of the first lyrical phase-techno to land on the dance-floor. The optimistic essence of “Hope for new Global Peace” and the electro-funk indebted number “If We Choose Peace” lie at different pressure points of the album, re-directing its flow and anchoring the listener to the concept of promoting peace in the world. Vincent closes ‘For Paris’ with two emotive numbers “The Candlelight” and a waltz-led piano piece, “Dancing With Machiavelli”.

As ever an authority on building tension with minimal elements and subtle instrumentation, the New York native is in full form on ‘For Paris’. Vincent’s utterly distinct touch remains while he puts his broadest musical foot forward and intentionally establishes a crucial dialogue on the aspiration for peace – “It’s a heavy word to think on, I’ve said enough. This is just a seed.”

‘For Paris’ is released as a free digital download on October 2nd and starting after the New Year, a few vinyl singles will be released, continuing on through to June.

Release title: For Paris
Artist: Levon Vincent
Label: Novel Sound
Release date: January 5th, 2018
Formats: Vinyl, Digital

1) Kissing
2) Baseball
3) Late Reflections
4) Hope For New Global Peace – In 3 Parts
5) If We Choose War
6) Slander Is Terrible
7) Only Good Things
8) If We Choose Piece
9) The Candlelight
10) Dancing With Machiavelli