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Marlon Hoffstadt mixes Groove Podcast & announces EPs on Rawax and Midnight Themes

Marlon Hoffstadt mixes Groove Podcast & announces EPs on Rawax and Midnight Themes

Groove Podcast 162 - Marlon Hoffstadt

Marlon Hoffstadt gets behind the decks for Groove just in time for the summer. Featuring exclusive tracks from the man himself and some classics from the likes of K-Hand and WestBam. The Berlin producer also goes deep on mental health and the pressures of the DJ world in an exclusive interview.


An upcoming EP on Rawax has been revealed. The first of two EPS on the respected German imprint, ‘Real Time Experience’ is an uplifting mix of soft summer synths and hard percussion. The 3 track EP features a collaboration with friend and label partner Natureboy Gold.


Forthcoming on Hoffstadt’s label Midnight Themes is the first of two Remix EPs. Out June 22nd, ‘Human Interpretations Part One’ features reworks from the likes of Gramrcy and Bawrut, each spinning their unique twists on Hoffstadt’s original productions.

Savour The Moment Part 3 - SquareSavour The Moment Part4-SQUARE

A collaboration with Berlin institution Wilde Renate, the next Savour the Moment parties are now announced.
Taking over the maze-like walls of the Friedrichshain club, the bi-monthly party invites guests to leave phones and screens behind and fully immerse themselves in the music. It features stacked lineups with some of the most interesting names in contemporary house and techno. Having previously played host to the likes of DJ Assault, Solid Blake and Gunnar Haslam, the upcoming nights continue to bring the heat with Neil Landstrumm, Samo DJ, Strip Steve, Working Women, Object Blue all scheduled to play.
Savour The Moment t-shirts are now on sale.
Catch Marlon Hoffstadt on tour this summer.
22.06.18 – Savour The Moment @ Wilde Renate, Berlin (w/ Neil Landstrumm, Lux, Samo DJ, Pablo Mateo…)
28.06.18 – Savour The Moment Sundowner @ Else
07.07.18 – FARR Festival, UK
28.07.18 – Jamm, Brixton, UK
02.08.18 – Savour The Moment Sundowner @ Else
17.08.18 -Savour The Moment @ Wilde Renate, Berlin (w/ Working Women, Breakwave, Object Blue, Cedric Maison…)
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