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Moscoman Announces Full Details Of Debut Album ‘A SHOT IN THE LIGHT’

Moscoman Announces Full Details Of Debut Album ‘A SHOT IN THE LIGHT’



Announces Full Details Of Debut Album 


Album Title: A Shot In The Light

Artist: Moscoman

Label: ESP Institute

Release Date: September 23rd 2016

Format: Vinyl & Digital


A1. Nineteen Eighty-Two
A2. Silent Thunder
B1. Mexican Cola Bottle Baby
B2. Chickpea
C1. Losing My Wedge
C2. A Shot In The Light
D1. Maltese Duck
D2. Death At The Funeral

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Moscoman landed on Lovefingers’ much loved ESP Institute imprint in 2015 with a duo of killer releases – the dancefloor bomb ‘Akachi’ and ‘Dikembe Manutu / Rage In The Cage,’ a collaborative effort with long time sparring homeboys Red Axes. This summer, Moscoman adds a new chapter to his musical book with the release of his debut album ‘A Shot In The Light’, with the first single ‘Mexican Cola Bottle Baby’ introducing the LP.

This creative outpouring spans years of musical trials and tribulations, finally coming full circle to chronicle the story of an artist leaving his hometown of Tel Aviv to pursue his passions in the electronic mecca of Berlin and beyond.

“I think the move was inevitable, if you want to drink fresh water, be as close to the tap as possible. Berlin was and still is the tap of electronic music. Tel Aviv is amazing, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for, which I did here, the freedom, the low cost living, and the fact that everybody is part of the scene really makes you want to push yourself harder” – Moscoman

Moscoman’s unique approach evolves and devolves over the course of eight songs, enduring highs and lows yet never resting for too long in one place-thus illustrating his personal metamorphosis as well as his acute skill of giving many voices to one wild imagination.

Tracks like the first album single ‘Mexican Cola Bottle Baby’, the psychotically indebted ‘Losing My Wedge’ or the stomping acidic disco of the album’s title-track will continue to burn a solid path for Moscoman across dancefloors far and wide.

The appeal of ‘A Shot In The Light’ also lies in it’s more personal moments. ‘Silent Thunder’ listens like an electronic rain dance and ‘Death at The Funeral’ brings to mind classic late 18th century British funeral music. This music is deliberate, almost cheeky with a youthful sense of optimism running throughout, and even in its most aggressive moment there is always an element of hope.

“Cliche as it may be, Music is everything and I listen to everything. This album is an output of many years of input.” – Moscoman

A Shot In The Light will be released September 23rd 2016 on ESP Institute



‘Mexican Cola Bottle Baby’ was the first single to be announced with Peaking Lights on remix duties, giving the track a heavily percussive – acid house infused work over.As Premiered By


“The guys over at the label tell us that the title track’s an optimistic dancefloor-filler that rides a disco rhythm, full of odd-ball percussion, over a swollen house bassline as we’re lead through clusters of synthesized mating calls via infectious melodic whistling. Which is all true.”

‘Mexican Cola Bottle Baby’

W/ Peaking Lights Remix

Is Out August 19th