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Motion Unveil Unique Collaboration With Award-Winning Moor Beer

Motion Unveil Unique Collaboration With Award-Winning Moor Beer




To celebrate the launch of another monumental In:Motion series, Motion unveil unique collaboration with Bristol’s most recognisable brewery, Moor Beer.

Crowned by the British Guild of Beer Writers ‘Brewer of the Year 2017′, the partnership will produce a delicious, limited edition craft pilsner to be sold exclusively at the venue.

Moor Beer founder and head brewer Justin Hawke says, “Of course we are thrilled to be working with Motion on this exciting project. Much of our inspiration comes from music. We have been very fortunate to brew beers with some of our favourite bands and promoters already. Listening to music is great, but experiencing it live heightens the experience, just like our live beers do. All of our beers are carbonated naturally with live yeast and are unfiltered, unfined, and vegan friendly. Just like live music, this creates the most raw and interesting expression you can find. 

To see such an iconic venue like Motion recognise this and have us collaborate with them is an honour. Motion understands the difference and despite the higher price is taking a bold move to support local independence and quality. We can’t wait for excited people to enjoy this full flavoured yet crisp lager while dancing to their favourite music. Let the fun begin!”

Motion owner and Director Martin Page adds, “Bristol has some of the best brewers and best music offerings in the UK with Moor Beer and Motion both at the top of their game. It’s such an important aspect of Bristol life to support local businesses, Moor Beer and Motion are both privately owned and self-funded organisations operating in the same postcode and it’s great to help each other out and put an exciting product into the marketplace.”

Having recently expanded to their second location in Bermondsey, London, Motion brings Moor Beer back to its spiritual home with an opportunity to share its ethos on flavour, drinkability and enjoyment with the In:Motion crowds and the most exciting artists in electronic music.

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