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Pikes Hotel Ibiza, Launch Their First Wellness Retreat: Rockovery

Pikes Hotel Ibiza, Launch Their First Wellness Retreat: Rockovery




An Exploratory Extravaganza For Those

Who Feel Lost, Or Want To Get Lost


27th – 30th April 2020

Pikes, Ibiza


Wellbeing workshops, Breathing Class, Franky’s Fight Club,
Sunrise Sessions, Sunset Yoga & Crystal Bowls,
Vitamin Injections and Ibiza Rituals

With leading industry specialists:

Franky Vincentio Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

Kim Booth Holistic Healing and Cosmic Pineapple Founder

Ksneia Goryainova Yoga, Meditation And Breathwork Teacher

Toby Clarke Founder of Walking Ibiza

James Brown Biomedical Scientist Professor

Lee Milne Pikes resident and award-winning chef


Pikes Hotel Ibiza – the iconic Ibizan institution, steeped in rock ‘n’ roll history and brimming with personality, proves it’s not all about parties as they launch their very first wellness retreat – Rockovery. Set to take place across 4 days from the 27th to the 30th April 2020, Rockovery is a wellness revolution, giving a unique look at the connection and balance of the mind, body and spirit.

Through a range of carefully curated wellbeing, healing and fitness activities that will take place in the grounds of Pikes as well as on the beaches and in the hills of Ibiza, Rockovery sets to help those who are in a grey spot in their lives. Absorbing the island’s inherent healing qualities derived from the magnetism of Es Vedra and natural abundance of quartz, a crystal known to harmonize mind, body and chakras, Rockovery endeavours to rediscover inner light, restart lives, reject bad habits and allow a total rebirth of true potential.

The programme has been compiled by Ibiza based personal trainer and nutritionist Franky Vincento, who has developed something experimental, whilst still being accessible, non-pretentious and most crucially – fun. Those attending can expect four transformative days of Sunrise Guided Meditation, Franky’s Fight Club which include sessions on the beach, Lunch & Cooking Lessons, Breathwork Classes, Sunset Yoga, Crystal Bowls and Gong Meditation. Plus Workshops covering: CBD, Pattern breaking, fasting and how to re-wild yourself.

“We look at exploring the connection to your own spiritual self, whether that may come through a gong bath in the Pikes Rockovery Dome, or through our visualisation and meditation work, or simply watching the incredible sunrise on our dawn nature walk” Franky Vincento


Franky Vincentio


Kim Booth: Founder of Cosmic Pineapple

Delicious and bespoke breakfasts, lunches and dinners satisfying all dietry requirements, will be served up daily by Pikes Ibiza’s award winning chef, Lee Milne, whilst The Pikes Professor, Doctor James Brown, will educate on the delicious and locally sourced organic superfoods served with nutritional benefit information to learn about body nourishment.Attendees will stay in one of the hotel’s 25-rooms, set in the San Antonio hills. All rooms are bespoke and set around the sprawling fairytale gardens and the famous aquamarine pool which was the location for Wham’s ‘Club Tropicana‘ video.



The retreat will be an eclectic journey of self discovery, fitness, island adventure and much needed fun. It’s experimental, educational, a little bit cosmic and dusted with the unique Pikes attitude and a little bit of rock and roll.

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3 Night, 4 Day Retreat at Pikes Hotel, Ibiza.
27th-30th April 2020

€1500 per person or €1250 per person two people sharing a room

* 3-NIGHTS ACCOMMODATION AT THE AWARD-WINNING PIKES IBIZA IN YOUR OWN PRIVATE ROOM rooms allocated on a first come, first served basis
* DELICIOUS BESPOKE BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER MENUS plus superfood snacks, smoothies & refreshments

* PROFESSIONAL FITNESS TRAINING SESSIONS with Franky Vincentio, focussing on conditioning, cognitive training & more
BREATHING CLASSES*SUNSET YOGA *CRYSTAL BOWLS *GONG MEDITATION * WORKSHOPS covering: CBD, Pattern breaking, fasting and how to re-wild yourself * IBIZA RITUALS*VITAMIN INJECTIONS * IBIZA RITUALS Featuring sage sticks, homemade tea, salt scrubs to take to the beach