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She's Drunk explosive bass music flares up on his new EP 'Subclubsciously'

She's Drunk explosive bass music flares up on his new EP 'Subclubsciously'


She’s Drunk marks musical minds with schizophrenic club music that draws its power from the Berlin-based French artist’s abrupt, unapologetic and explosive approach to the dance floor.

“Subclubsciously“ takes listeners on a trip through She’s Drunk’s subconscious mind, where production accidents turn into obsessive club gimmicks and delusional rhythms. Fresh from his summer tour manning the decks for Zebra Katz, She’s Drunk put the finishing touches to his debut EP on Berlin label and collective Through My Speakers, a crew he has a longstanding association with.

Opener, “Visions” nods to the worship of hypnotic and altered states that repetitive sounds and rhythms have the ability to induce, with an obsessive alarm and clanging percussion that drive listeners to detach themselves from their immediate environment and let go of thought. “Amadoda”, a standout piece of broken junglism, sees South African artist Sho Madjozi, stir up the flames with lyrical fire in her native Tsonga. She’s Drunk takes the party further into the jungle with “Dancing Doubts”, a tribal workout where rushes of raves past punctuate the sonic landscape. “Heart Burns” closes proceedings on a deeper note with tender vocal outbursts rolling atop a heaving drums and sub backbone.

Release Title: Subclubsciously
Artist: She’s Drunk
Label: Through My Speakers
Release Date: January 17th, 2018
Formats: Digital & Vinyl

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