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The Goethe Institute Pres. 10 CITIES – The Inter-Relationship Between European and African Dance Music w/ Pinch, Vakula, Culoe De Song, Octapush, Jachoozi, Afrologic And Many More

The Goethe Institute Pres. 10 CITIES – The Inter-Relationship Between European and African Dance Music w/ Pinch, Vakula, Culoe De Song, Octapush, Jachoozi, Afrologic And Many More
TEN CITIES : A Project From The Goethe Institute 
Exploring Club Cultures In Africa And Europe.
MAIN PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Diamond Version (Alva Noto & Byetone) (Berlin) | Gebrüder Teichmann (Berlin) | Jahcoozi (Berlin) | Pinch (Bristol) | Rob Smith (Bristol) | Dirty Paraffin (Johannesburg) | Vakula (Kiev) | Octapush (Lisbon) | Wura Damba (Lagos) | Oboyega Oyedele (Lagos) | Djeff (Luanda) | DJ Satellite (Luanda) | MC Sacer.(dot) (Luanda) | Just A Band (Nairobi) | Camp Mulla (Nairobi) | Marco Messina (Naples) | Lucio Aquilina (Naples) 


TEN CITIES – a new initiative from the ever-innovative Goethe Institute, explores how the European and African dance music scenes and club cultures are intrinsically linked. Over the course of 6 months they will be bringing together established artists such as Pinch, Rob Smith, Vakula and Octapush from the 10 cities of Cairo, Johannesburg, Luanda, Lagos, Nairobi, Berlin, Bristol, Kiev, Lisbon and Naples for a series of musical and cultural exchanges.

At the heart of all electronic music and today’s club culture, throbs the beat of its African musical roots. Everything has emanated from the pulse of these foundations. Today’s African music tends to look to the current European trends of their scene to forge their own contemporary brand of urban club music. This has created a unique interchange of ideas that fosters an immense level of creativity. The TEN CITIES project recognises how the social practice of clubbing has become one of the most prominent revolutions in global culture of recent times, creating an incredibly diverse and reactionary environment that allows the marrying of cultural identities from across the globe.
TEN CITIES looks to explore these extensive global relationships through numerous collaborations between artists at the forefront of their respective scenes, whether it be Pinch’s prominence in the Dubstep scene of Bristol or the hip hop styling’s of Nairobi’s Camp Mulla, physically bringing together two parts of the globe that often only have virtual contact through this fruitful artistic link. Having started back in November 2012 in Luanda with the final recording phase planned in Cairo this year, a series of interchanges will be held to explore what club music means in the modern world. The eventual product of these interchanges will span across three disciplines, music, photography and research, with each form of media conveying information regarding very different elements of the study.
Following the success of the first collaboration in Luanda, Angola back in November 2012, TEN CITIES moved on to the capital city of Nigeria, Lagos at the start of this year, to carry out the most recent recording of the scheme. Hailing from Bristol, England, two innovators of the relatively youthful dubstep scene, Pinch and Rob Smith AKA RSD, made their way to Nigeria to join fellow-European Mother Perera of Berlin’s Jahcoozi in making music with some of Lagos’ finest. Luanda locals Jah Device, Wura Samba and Afro Logic were part of the collaboration, with the interchange culminating in a street jam in Bariga, as well as a larger concert in Nigeria’s Freedom Park.
The project then journeys over to Johannesburg in sunny South Africa from February 18th- March 3rd. Two of Eastern Europe’s rising stars, Ukraine’s Dubmasta and Vakula, are to make the trip to interact with the local pairing of Dirty Paraffin, whilst Hannes Teichmann and Jaoao Orecchia curate the entire soundscape.
The music produced will inevitably be at the forefront of the products of TEN CITIES, with all the tracks produced slated for release as part of a compilation, whilst live performances will be held in all of the cities involved, culminating in a festival in Berlin in 2014. Photography and research regarding the project will also be exhibited in Berlin next year, creating a multimedia experience of the proceedings.
Exchanges Dates and Participating Artists
21 November – 02 December 2012: Recording Phase Luanda, Angola
Lucio Aquilina and Marco Messina (Naples)
Andi Teichmann (Berlin)
DJ Satelite, MC Sacer.(dot) and Djeff  (Luanda)
Andi Teichmann and Mano (Otiniel Silva)
07 January – 21 January 2013 : Recording Phase Lagos, Nigeria
Pinch and Rob Smith AKA RSD (Bristol)
Mother Perera (Jahcoozi) and Andi Teichmann (Berlin)
Gboyega Oyedele (Afrologic) and Wura Samba (Lagos)
18 February – 03 March 2013 : Recording Phase Johannesburg,
South Africa
Dubmasta and Vakula  (Kiev)
Hannes Teichmann (Berlin)
Dirty Paraffin (Johannesburg)
Joao Orecchia
End Of April 2013 : Recording Phase Nairobi, Kenya
Octapush and Batida (Lisbon)
Oren Gerlitz -Jahcoozi (Berlin)
Just A Band and Camp Mulla (Nairobi)
Bill Sellanga (Just A Band)
May 2013 : Recording Phase Cairo, Egypt
Diamond Version (Berlin)
Bikya and WetRobots <3 Bosaina (Nairobi)
Gerriet Schultz and Mahmoud Refat